BEYOND ELYSIUM Group Exhibition at KleinervonWiese Pop-Up Space  Friedrichstrasse 204, Berlin, Mitte OPENING: Wednesday, 23 September @ 6-11pm EXHIBITION: 24 September – 4 October 2020 @ 3-6pm NASSER ALMULHIM  //  CHRISTIAN ACHENBACH  //  CHRISSY ANGLIKER  //  INNA ARTEMOVA  //  TOM BIBER  //  ANDREAS BLANK  //  ANINA BRISOLLA  //  CLAUS BRUNSMANN  //  CLAUDIA CHASELING  //  ALI DOWLATSHAHI  //  KERSTIN DZEWIOR  //  DANIEL GRÜTTNER  //  CHRIS HAMMERLEIN  //  ANNE JUNGJOHANN  //  DAVID KRIPPENDORFF  //  VIA LEWANDOWSKY  //  MILOVAN DESTIL MARKOVIC  //  SARA MASÜGER  //  ALMAGUL MENLIBAYEVA  //  MANFRED PECKL  //  KIRSTEN PALZ  //  DAVID REGEHR  //  STEFAN RINCK  //  JÖRG SCHALLER  //  HUDA AL SAIE  //  MAIK SCHIERLOH  //  NINA E. SCHÖNFELD  //  KERSTIN SERZ  //  YASMIN SHARABI  //  VARVARA SHAVROVA  //  POLA SIEVERDING  //  DAVID SZAUDER  //  VADIM ZAKHAROV  //  JINDRICH ZEITHAMML  //  IREEN ZIELONKA Curated By Constanze Kleiner, Stephan von Wiese, Rachel Rits-Volloch, Frances Stafford MORE INFO >>            FB EVENT >> There has never before been a pandemic that, like the rampant Covid 19 infection, can endanger all people on earth at the same time; never before have all people on earth, at the same time, asked themselves the question: What is really important now? Through their shared vulnerabilities, never before have so many people faced the realisation of their similarities. And with so much going wrong in the world, our thoughts can’t help but turn to dreams of a happier beyond. “Elysium”, the island of the blessed is a mythological place, an ideal or state, an image that contrasts to the sufferings of this world. As a concept, it is present in many cultures and religions as a utopia, as an idea and as hope. The longing for Elysium is therefore a deeply human need. In our small exhibition, the Elysian realms are not to be understood as a place of flight from the world. Elysium is not to be found only in the unattainable. You find it – beautiful and mysterious, non-violent and full of humor – even in the middle of everyday life, in the here and now. Elysium is also signified in the heightened moments of life, an intoxication with existence, the moment of happiness. This short exhibition aims to raise awareness of this possibility of fulfilled moments. Much is currently being rethought in how we live our daily lives and professional lives. When museums and galleries had to close, the Corona crisis showed that work in the artists studios did not come to a standstill. It is especially in times of crisis that we need the clairvoyance of art and its real, sensual knowledge. The ELYSIUM exhibition, and its sister show – BEYOND ELYSIUM – are designed to support art-lovers, artists and their galleries at a time of crisis, and to remind us all that perhaps Elysium can be found in the small miracle of simply bringing people together. This exhibition and its preceding sister show ELYSIUM have been realised as a cooperation between Kleiner Von Wiese and Momentum Worldwide as the second step in the series of exhibitions which began with “Bonum et Malum” in 2019.
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