Points of Resistance

Varvara Shavrova is participating in the group exhibition

Point of Resistance
Starting Easter Sunday, 4 April – 26 April 2021

Open Daily at 1 – 6 pm
Zionskirche, Zionskirchplatz
10119 Berlin



AES+F – Chrissy Angliker – Inna Artemova – Lutz Becker – Tom Biber – Andreas Blank – Anina Brisolla – Claus Brunsmann – Claudia Chaseling – Chto Delat – Brad Downey – Thomas Draschan – Kerstin Dzewior – Margret Eicher – Nezaket Ekici – Amir Fattal – Doug Fishbone – Daniel Grüttner – Chris Hammerlein – John Isaacs – Anne Jungjohann – Gülsün Karamustafa – Franziska Klotz – David Krippendorff – Via Lewandowsky – Jani Leinonen MAP Office -Shahar Marcus – Milovan Destil Markovic – Sara Masüger – Kate McMillan -Almagul Menlibayeva – Robert C. Morgan – Matthias Moseke – Jan Muche – Gulnur Mukazhanova – Kirsten Palz -Manfred Peckl – Otto Piene -Stefan Rinck – Jörg Schaller – Maik Schierloh -Nina E. Schönefeld – Kerstin Serz- Varvara Shavrova – Pola Sieverding -Barthélémy Toguo – Günther Uecker -Mariana Vassileva -Bill Viola -Marta Vovk – Michael Wutz – Jindrich Zeithamml – Ireen Zielonka

Constanze Kleiner, Rachel Rits-Volloch
in cooperation with David Elliott, Jan Kage, Stephan von Wiese

Points of Resistance invites contemporary artists and thinkers from a diversity of places and perspectives to address the many meanings of resistance in today’s complex world. Without taking any singular political position, Points of Resistance gives voice to humanistic viewpoints necessary in an era witnessing the steady resurgence of authoritarianism, nationalism and racism the world over. This is as much a sickness of our times as the ongoing pandemic emergency. We hope that Points of Resistance will provide an antidote, if not necessarily a solution, to the ills endangering the hard-won, and relatively short-lived, freedoms of our society – especially in the context of Berlin’s painful history.

Situated in Berlin’s Zionskirche, Points of Resistance invokes the remarkable history of this church as a crucial point of resistance both against the Nazis and during the GDR – from renowned theologian and anti-Nazi activist Deitrich Bonhoeffer who worked in the parish for over a decade until his arrest by the Gestapo, to the numerous opposition groups and human rights activists who’s use of the Zionskirche as a meeting point made it a target of the Stasi until the collapse of the GDR. Upon this historic stage, we assemble a diversity of artistic voices – through painting, photography, sculpture, video, sound, performance, and discussion – reflecting on the mistakes of the past and present in order to celebrate the values which enable us to forge unity from diversity.

Points of Resistance takes the form of an exhibition of over 50 exceptional international artists, jointly produced by Gallery Kleiner von Wiese and MOMENTUM, curated by Constanze Kleiner and Rachel Rits-Volloch, in cooperation with David Elliott, Jan Kage, and Stephan von Wiese. Despite our uncertain times of lockdowns and gallery closures, the Zionskirche will remain open to the public. As such, Points of Resistance is amongst the few places that Berliners starved for culture during this time of Corona can come to experience diverse artistic perspectives addressing the ongoing need for resistance, in its many forms. The exhibition will be accompanied by a Discussion Series; a Video Program, Artist Talks; Performances; Concerts; and Children’s Workshops.

Initiated by:
KleinerVonWiese together with MOMENTUM
www.kleinervonwiese.com www.momentumworldwide.org

Events Program:
lectures, artist-talks, video nights, and more

Saturday April 26, 2021
CONCERT 7 and 9:30 p.m.
Composer: Sven Helbig www.svenhelbig.com
Conductor: Wilhelm Keitel www.wilhelm-keitel.de

Thanks to:
Dem Förderverein der Zionskirche
Brandenburgische Festspiele
The exhibition is supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds