Stitching Black Memories with White Threads


The spatial installation including silk, cotton and wooden thread, woven and knitted textile objects, photo prints, negatives, plain and textured glass, mirror; sound;  dimensions variable,  currently showing as part of interim exhibition in Goldsmiths College London. The installation explores ideas of historic caucasian diasporas, revealing of collective history, unveiling of personal memories, and building parallels with today’s experiences of mass migrations, refugee crisis and globally experienced dispossession associated with political and economic crises and echoed by the critical period of European and world history in 1900s, where the position of power shifted from the West to the East. The installation is accompanied by a sound file featuring the poem ‘Varvara and Georgii. Venice 1910’, written by contemporary Irish poet Vincent Woods in response to  studio visit and engagement with this project in Dublin in 2015.  I am attaching the sound file here for you to listen to whilst browsing the images.